"By Kat DeLeon"

...By Kat DeLeon


Vocess Magazine Cover

I am so honored to be on the cover of the Spring Fashion Issue of  Vocess Magazine 

I also have the privilege of having a 4 page fashion spread in this issue which would not at all have been possible without the dynamic team I got to work with on this project.

Cyrina Hadad-Rayla took control of the reigns as the Producer, Art Director, and Stylist.  Cyrina's vision, direction, creativity, and ambition really was the key factor to the incredible success of this project. 

My very darling friend and talented designer Thomas Downes created the gorgeous garments for this shoot.  I am completely guilty of using the cliche "Boho Chic" when I was sharing the idea of the look for this project with him.  I am so fortunate that he possesses the imagination and creativity that it took to make this shoot truly fashionable and special.  As always, I was so impressed by the beauty, quality, and craftsmanship of his pieces.

I was so happy to have Nia Johansen create the incredible hairstyles and makeup that completely surpassed my expectations.  Nia's talent and creative vision is always mind-blowing, but what she came up with for this shoot was truly incredible.  Her ability to compliment my natural features while creating such a unique and "big" look is truly a rare talent.

It is often times difficult to get two models to work well together, this proved not to be the case with Robert Gibson of Wilhelmina Hawaii playing opposite me.  This was actually the first time I had the pleasure of working with Robert and it was a truly great experience.  He is such a talented model, he really does have that "something special".  Since this was an editorial shoot featuring the pieces created by Thomas Downes it was critical that we focus on those garments.  It takes a truly talented model as Robert to reign in his own charisma while still able create a certain mood and scene that I feel these images provoke.

And of course the shoot would not have happened without the perfect photographer for the look.  Andi Lilikoi Gaspar created these spectacular images.  She has such a knack for actually capturing beauty and is really able to take me a place with her direction where I was able to really project the "Boho Beauty" that lives somewhere inside me.  When working on a production, such as this was, it is so easy to lose focus of the true intent of what we are trying to do.  Andi really was able to capture special moments and avoid making the shot looks too posed, which is incredibly difficult.  I certainly cannot fathom the idea of having had anyone else shoot this, Andi's talent, patience with me, and direction made these images.

This so makes me miss my blond hair ;)

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