"By Kat DeLeon"

...By Kat DeLeon


Seaplane Adventure!!!!

I had the pleasure of working with a great team while expanding my Styling portfolio.  Amazing photographer Martin Troy was able to secure a VINTAGE SEAPLANE for our fabulous fashion photo shoot.

I feel so fortunate that premier makeup artist Nathalie Kim of Salon Cookie Couture worked with us on this project.  Nathalie's creative vision and eye for perfection in every detail made certain that the models looked flawless and really paid special attention to color selection to ensure there were no color clashes.

The incredibly creative and talented Vivian K. Lee of Salon Cookie Couture brought my vision to fruition with the hairstyles she created.  Vivian's ideas for the hair totally captured my vague and abstract concept "retro inspired high fashion".

I had two beautiful, fun, and oh so talented models to work with: Jill Hamilton and Sophia Nelson.

I wanted to take advantage of having the rare opportunity to use this fab vintage seaplane without making this a kitschy pin up or vintage fashion shoot.  I'm so pleased with the results!  I really feel like the images have a "vintage meets modern day meets fashion" essence.

I hope you all enjoy the images

Sophia Nelson

Jill Hamilton

Have you ever seen such a beautiful flight crew!

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